Distance: 51 km
Duration (average) : 3h
Level: Medium
Elevation: 786 D +
Departure: St-Priest-la-Marche
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Step 1

We now invite you to leave the Indre valley to join the Creuse where other cycle routes will allow you to continue your journey. By joining the Tour de Creuse by bike from stage 4, you will quietly enter the Creuse countryside where nature is omnipresent. On the outskirts of Boussac-Bourg you can make a tasting stop, depending on the season, to taste the fresh blueberries of Trimoulet.

Step 2

It is in Boussac that you will discover the castle where George Sand and her lover Prosper Mérimée stayed. Under the charm of the castle, George Sand found inspiration there to write her novel "Jeanne" and it was also the novelist who discovered the famous tapestries of the lady with the unicorn. As soon as you leave Boussac to head towards Toulx Ste Croix, your ascent will be gentle and gradual with an elevation gain of 283 meters.

Step 3

On your way, before reaching the village of Toulx you can stop at the Pierres Jaumâtres. You can drop off your bikes at the Chalet and climb Mont Barlot. This natural site reveals an impressive pile of huge blocks of granite. Regain your strength by enjoying the panorama from the stone dedicated to Hesus, now known as La Boussacquine, which offers 14m of panorama over the Boussac valley.

Step 4

Savor your descent before getting back on your bike to reach the highest point of the route in the village of Toulx Ste Croix which rises to 650m. You will discover a church split into two parts including the remains of the St Martial chapel. This church is guarded by Gallo-Roman stone lions at the entrance. Nearby you can still gain height by climbing the 74 steps of the panoramic tower. From its windows you will appreciate the 360° view from the Monts d'Auvergne to the plateaus of Berry via the mountains of Limousin.

Step 5

Now let yourself be carried to Chambon-sur-Voueize, the center of Romanesque art in Limousin. Leaving Toulx Ste Croix, for several kilometres, you still admire a few panoramas that are offered to you before arriving at the village of Bord St Georges. It is here that the Clautre farm has been established for several years and where the managers have only one ambition: to conserve endangered species.

Step 6

Before arriving at Chambon-sur-Voueize, you will pass through the flowery village of Lépaud which regularly hosts gatherings of gliders. It will be pleasant this arrival downhill with its small 60 meters of negative elevation along the Gorges de la Voueize. Here you have arrived in the den of Ste Valérie whose relics are stored in the abbey which dates in part from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. Stroll through the narrow streets and cross the Romanesque bridge where you can take a break along the Voueize.


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