Distance: 39,07 km
Duration (average) : 1h55
Level: Easy
Elevation: 236 D +
Departure: Montbazon
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Step 1

Montbazon has the particularity of sheltering - in addition to the most recent castle of Touraine, Artigny - the oldest, the Fortress built at the end of the XNUMXth century by Foulques Nerra. After passing through the typical Ruelle des Anges and Rue des Moulins, head towards Veigné! The town is home to an imposing mill and a church with an astonishing bell tower with a stone roof, as in Esvres, the neighboring town. In Esvres precisely, the route passes at the foot of a superbly restored Bollée wind turbine: thanks to passionate volunteers.

Step 2

You arrive at Cormery along the green meadows on the banks of the Indre. At the wash house, you go back up on the bridge in the direction of Truyes. But before that, take the time to pass under the Saint Paul tower and discover the remains of the old XNUMXth century abbey. To regain your strength, stop at one of the two bakeries to taste the famous Cormery macaroons...

Step 3

In Truyes, take a look at the pretty bell tower. Then come and discover the very steep town of Courçay, which Balzac nicknamed “La Petite Suisse Tourangelle”. Punctuated by mills built since the XNUMXth century, the banks of the Indre will welcome you wonderfully for a nap or a picnic of regional products on a green lawn. You can also see the Church of Saint Urbain, a sanctuary whose architecture is characteristic of rural religious constructions in the Indre Valley.

Step 4

The long wall that you walk along when you arrive at Reignac-sur-Indre hides a castle built from the XNUMXth century. You will see it going down in the village. This one, like the Follaine manor and the castle in Azay-sur-Indre, all erected from the same period, was part of a fief whose last lord was none other than the Marquis de la Fayette, hero of American independence.

Step 5

Continuing on your way to Loches, you cross the town of Chambourg-sur-Indre. At a place called Ile Auger, a stopover is a must! The crossing of the Indre was done in the Middle Ages on a bridge of which you will see the imposing vestiges. The place is anyway a corner of greenery with indisputable romantic charm. But it's time to get back on your bike to explore Loches, a royal city.


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