Distance: 24,34 km
Duration (average) : 2h36
Level: Easy
Elevation: 80 D +
Departure: Loches
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Step 1

To enter Loches is to enter through the front door into the history of France. Perched above the narrow streets of the city and surrounded by high ramparts, the Royal City presents you with different faces. On one side, the fortress of the Count of Anjou Foulques III Terra, and on the other, the royal residence which has seen the most illustrious characters from the XNUMXth century, such as kings: Charles VII, Louis XI, Charles VIII, Louis XII, Francis I; and many others. The Royal City still contains many other treasures, such as the Saint-Ours Collegiate Church, the House-Museum of the painter Emmanuel Lansyer, to be discovered at the bend of the alleys...

Step 2

Leaving Loches, you will head towards the monastic city of Beaulieu-lès-Loches via the Prairie du Roy, a sensitive green space, a green link between the two cities. Beaulieu, labeled Small City of Character, will seduce you with its medieval streets and its monuments built on the banks of the Indre. You cannot miss the imposing 63th century bell tower of the abbey founded in the XNUMXth century by the Count of Anjou Foulque III Nerra. With its XNUMX meters, it is one of the highest in Touraine!

Step 3

In Saint-Germain, you pass by the foot of the castle which remains in history for having been the scene of royal talks aimed at putting an end to the 5th war of religion in 1575. The Val de l'Indre is an exceptional heritage jewel , dotted with villages from which the conquerors of French America left. The castle of Saint-Cyran-du-Jambot was the cradle of the Franquelin family and of Mgr de Laval, first bishop of New France.


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