Distance: 40 km
Duration (average) : 2h
Level: Medium
Elevation: 598 D +
Departure: La Châtre
Cycle route

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Step 1

You arrive at the last part of the route leading to the source of the Indre, transition between the department of Indre and that of Cher. But before closing the trip, there are still universes to explore. The bocage will become more hilly, discovering the first foothills of the Massif Central. 

Step 2

Still guided by George Sand, you will pass through Briantes, the setting of an incredible adventure that she recounted in her novel “Les Beaux Messieurs de Bois Doré” and which she located in the (private) castle dating from the 2500th century. But you will especially see the dovecote which consists of XNUMX putlogs (small pottery niches), which can accommodate a couple and two small ones. 

Step 3

The route begins to become more challenging when arriving at Pouligny Notre Dame. On your way, well hidden under the Virginia creeper, you can see the Gazeau tower which was part of an imposing military fortress which was one of the oldest strongholds of the castellany of Sainte-Sévère, described in the novel Mauprat. A stop at the Ligny leisure center is strongly recommended to regain strength, have a picnic or even learn to ski lift. 

Step 4

And then, Sainte Sévère sur Indre, a movie star village, welcomes you. In 1947, the inhabitants were surprised to see Jacques Tati arrive with technicians, actors and equipment for the filming of the film "Jour de Fête". Enter the universe of the film and push open the door of the “Maison de Jour de Fête” which retraces this great adventure which, during one summer, constituted an everyday celebration and mobilized all the inhabitants of the village.

Step 5

Further on, Perassay reveals itself, a landscape interspersed with hedges, typical trees where a few dry stone walls and old buildings made up of the main rock of the basement, Gneiss, recall the proximity of the Massif Central. It is there, in Saint-Priest-la-Marche, that the Indre has its source and that your journey on the Indre by bike ends.


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