Distance: 16 km
Level: Difficult
Departure: Sainte Sévère sur Indre
Circuit n ° 3: In the postman François wheel.

By bike

Circuit n ° 3: In the postman François wheel.

Cyclo ride in the postman's wheel François around Sainte Sévère sur Indre allowing you to discover the world of Jacques Tati's film Jour de Fête by bike.
Jacques Tati, Sainte-Sévère and “Jour de fête”: A refugee during the occupation near Sainte Sévère, Jacques Tati is working with his friend Henri Marquet on the screenplay for his first feature film “Jour de Fête”. In May 1947, the inhabitants were surprised to see Jacques Tati arrive with technicians, actors and filming equipment. With a reduced budget, the filmmaker puts all the villagers to work. Just like the funfair which animates the peaceful town in the film, the filming of “Fête de fête” was, during the summer, a celebration of every day.


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