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Balzac's shadow keeps watch. Saché and its castle, where the famous writer often stayed, sets the scene. It is in these places that Balzac will find calm and tranquility to write Le Lys dans la vallée. Imagine three mills… he wrote. It is those of Pont-de-Ruan that you will see… in real life.

Distance: 19 km

Duration: 2h

Difficulty : Easy

The village of Saché and its castle – Balzac Museum 

Around a central square where stands a mobile by Alexander Calder (American sculptor who lived on the banks of the Indre), emerges a magnificent XNUMXth century residence. The Château de Saché (Balzac Museum) was the privileged place of inspiration for Honoré de Balzac where he wrote several masterpieces including “Le Père Goriot” and “Le Lys dans la Vallée”.

 The Manor of Vonnes – Pont-de-Ruan

A stone's throw from Saché, Balzac discovered this “little castel” and drew inspiration from its forms to describe the Château de Clochegourde, home of the heroine of the novel “Le Lys dans la Vallée”. The privileged setting of the Indre Valley highlights this small XNUMXth century castle which has never been modified since its construction.

 The Moulins Lambert in Pont-de-Ruan 

The Moulins Lambert of Pont-de-Ruan and their garden by the water. In a setting that invites you to stroll, come and discover the small mill and its museum, the wheels and mechanisms explaining the production of flour, electricity and blocks of ice. 


Located on the plateau of Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, the village is mentioned by Balzac in his work "La Pucelle de Thilouze". You will be able to discover many heritage elements that make the charm of the village: Gallo-Roman road Tours-Poitiers, church, wash house, beautiful residences and castles.