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Bordered by many castles, mills and other beautiful residences, this pleasant walk will bring you plenty of fresh air along the banks of the Indre. A few pedal strokes from the circuit, the Candé estate and its castle host the famous Terres du son festival every year.

Distance: 13 km

Duration: 1h

Difficulty : Easy

The so-called “Balzac” mills, mentioned in Le Lys dans la Vallée 

Leaving Pont-de-Ruan, from the bridge on the right: the Moulins Potard mentioned since 1285 and operated until 1979. The long weir from 1852. On the left at the end of the bridge, the Moulins Lambert (cited since 1192) which produced flour, electricity and ice packs until 1972.

 The Manor of the Alouette

Located in the rue du bol de lait, it is at the heart of Balzac's stories… On the right, rural house “du bol de lait”, where Balzac stopped in 1830 and described in “The country doctor”. The mansion dates from the 2th century, it is adorned with XNUMX graceful turrets.

If you want to walk around Artannes… 

The Manoir de la Mothe, outbuilding of the Château des Archbishops, from the XNUMXth century. The Château d'Artannes, a fortress until the XNUMXth century, was the property of the Archbishops of the city of Tours until the Revolution. 

La Fontaine aux Mères, located in the heart of the village in a dead end that bears its name, is dedicated to Gallic mothers and would be miraculous for giving milk to women who have just given birth. 

Le Grand Moulin ceased its activity in 1989. It was formerly the property of the Archbishops and was also sold during the Revolution.

 The Mill of Fleurials 

Square tower with pink rendering from the XNUMXth century, with stone bridge, valves and wheel. You can see the Moulin du Breuil on the other bank of the Indre.