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The Brenne Regional Nature Park, a journey to the land of a thousand and one ponds

La Brenne, a wild and mysterious land, is a regional natural park but also an ornithological area of ​​international importance. Country of a thousand ponds, it is in fact 3000 ponds which cover the Brenne where 270 species of birds find refuge and food there. Long forgotten, because apart from the axes of communication, Brenne is today a haven of peace, secret and unknown.

A preserved area to discover by bike

By bike, it is an immersion in nature that is offered between small roads and white paths, along ponds or crossing landscapes of moorland or hillocks. 12 signposted routes linked to the Indre by bike allow you to discover these preserved areas: Chérine Nature Reserve, Terres et Etangs de Brenne Reserve, the sites to be discovered are numerous and the observatories, installed on the ponds, are all equipped to secure the bikes. The Park House is an essential stopover and in particular its restaurant area whose menu is made up of local products only in short circuits (bicycle hoops).

It is possible to integrate a nature outing with a guide into your trip in Brenne (more than 150 activities are offered during the year).

For accommodation, the Park has given the “Valeurs Parc naturel régional” brand to around ten accommodation units, these are small, cozy, quality nests that offer an activity integrated into their environment and respectful of the principles of sustainable development.