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Little sister of Loches, Beaulieu-lès-Loches offers beautiful discoveries to those who will make the way to her. Nature, heritage and art, here is the top trio that characterizes this “Bellilocian” getaway.

Two pedal strokes from the Royal City of Loches, the signs " Indre by bike "Will guide you to Beaulieu-lès-Loches," Small Town of Character ". We prefer to take a parallel route, literally. We forget the recommended tour and head for the public garden, where a short photo stop offers us one of the most beautiful shots of the Logis Royal. We go to Meadows of the Roy, a true natural link between the two municipalities.

We are greeted by a big and strange bath duck made of tires. This work announces the color of artistic journey who will be present throughout our stroll: the Beautiful Places. Each year, the B2X association invites artists from all walks of life to create works that will bring this natural landscape to life.

As a result a beautiful cocktail of nature and contemporary creations. The course offers beautiful views of the surrounding heritage: Sansa Renaissance Logisc on your left, the Bell tower of the Abbey of Beaulieu straight ahead of us. A U-turn on ourselves (be careful, not easy by bike) gives us a panoramic view of the keep and the Saint-Ours collegiate church in Loches. The table is complete.

"Cesser de questioning" by L. dumont & D. Ferment

We arrive on the Beaulieu channel, bordered by charming tufa houses. a Canoeing moored to one of them gives us new ideas for a ride. We would gladly trade our two wheels to play biceps with paddles (to find out where to rent canoes in Loches, click here).

The Beaulieu Canal © Jean-Christophe Coutand - ADT Touraine

Continuing along the canal, we are surprised by a strange iron creature in human form which seems to be watching the waters… It is time to leave this artistic and natural bubble to reach the village. THE'Saint-Pierre abbey, whose bell tower of 61 meters is the highest in Touraine, welcomes us, majestic, with its mall planted with lime trees, its bandstandmansions and ancient monastic buildings which house the current town hall. 

The former abbey which has become town hall © Jean-Christophe Coutand - ADT Touraine
The vaults of the abbey church © Léonard de Serres

We go in the direction of the Les Javanaises Guinguette. On our way, the place of the templars decorated with roses invites us to take a break in the shop Arts Street. Hidden under a beautiful broken vault, this place brings together several local artists to original creations. A great address to remember. 

The house known as Agnès Sorel © Jean-Christophe Coutand - ADT Touraine

It's time to take a break Javanese. Children can't wait to enjoy this playground and courir after the goats and we from have a drink at the Green light. A little later in the day we could have enjoyed a concert of a local group. We will undoubtedly come back to take advantage of the summer entertainment program

At the Guinguette des Viantaises © Léonard de Serres

Another great discovery awaits us at the exit of the tavern: the small Viantaises gardens. These small shared gardens, open to all, invite you to stroll and stimulate creativity. Shoes converted into flower pots, diverted chairs and trees decorated with pompoms and woolen scarves, these are ideas to re-enchant our garden.  

Garden of Viantaises © Léonard de Serres

Want to explore Beaulieu-lès-Loches a little more? a walking tour available for download or toreception of the tourist office will reveal to you others small nuggets unsuspected of a labeled village Small Town of Character since 2020.


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