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At the heart of a land of producers, the Loches market concentrates, every Wednesday and Saturday, the best artisans and local products to discover Touraine on the taste buds side. There are no less than 100 stalls which, along the streets and squares of the historic center of the royal city, present the local colors and flavors to compose your seasonal picnic, in a very short circuit.

Loches market © Léonard de Serres

Le goat cheese, including the famous Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine is not the least, can be bought soft, off-dry, or dry, according to your taste! The goat does not have a monopoly on the offer, delicious productions at sheep's or cow's milk are also present. Vegetables and fruits, meats, eggs, organic bread, small groceries, herbs, everything is close at hand… eyes and nose! The market is the pleasure of all the senses.

Soft or dry, goat cheese is available for all tastes © Isabelle Bardiau


Did you know that in Touraine, we transform the Pink King into delicious IGP rillettes ? No macabre revolution, rest assured! It's a red label pig which bears the crown of high standards and agricultural quality. The Rillettes from Tours, if they are less known than their Sarthe cousins, are no less tasty! The recipe, carefully kept by the master pork butchers from Tours, can only include high quality ingredients. After 10 hours of cooking, the soft texture spreads harmoniously on your slice of bread. A delight!

The delicious rillettes from Tours © Isabelle Bardiau


Loches, placed on the old trade route connecting Paris withNorthern Spain, has always had a sense of hospitality and commerce. On market days, 130 downtown businesses also welcome you. In the windows of catering trades, are added the boutiques where to find the sweater or cap that was missing yesterday on the bike or souvenir who will accompany you for the rest of the trip!

The streets of the historic heart of Loches on a market day © Léonard de Serres

Tea, coffee or Loire wine?

Finally, no market tour worthy of the name can end without a drink or a coffee with friends on one of the terraces bars and restaurants swarmed in the heart of the city. Depending on whether you are an early riser or a late riser, you can opt for the hot drinks with crispy pastries or thediscovery of a wine from a producer from Touraineavailable in all colors! a friendly moment with friends essential for taking stock of everyone's purchases before taking the Indre à Vélo route again.

On the terrace at the market © David Darrault 

Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 13 p.m..


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