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When we go on a trip, we aspire to experience an adventure, to recharge our batteries or to share moments of friendship. Choosing where to put your suitcases and your bike is an essential step in any journey! I tested for you the “Moorea” tent at the 4-star Valvert en Berry campsite in La Châtre but also the bivouac tent at the Pouligny Notre Dame campsite! Two different atmospheres with on one side "the eco-chic" and on the other "the sporty baba cool" 

At the Valvert en Berry campsite in La Châtre

At the Valvert en Berry campsite in La Châtre, you are immediately put in the mood: a reception building that blends in perfectly with the surrounding greenery, a restaurant working with local products and labeled Maître Restaurateur, a swimming pool nicely located in against the bottom of the domain and an ecolabel certifying the owners' commitment to environmental protection, within the campsite. I am thrilled by this place which has managed to preserve this green setting at the gates of La Châtre.

Valérie is there to welcome me and I discover the "Moorea" tent

A tent with a nomadic look and equipped with 2 real beds, with a beautiful wooden terrace. This accommodation combines robustness, thanks to its wooden frame, and comfort with its terrace on stilts. A true open-air room, it is an ideal accommodation after a long day of cycling! Its terrace is ideal for lazing around on summer evenings with its two deckchairs which stretch out their arms to us. And what better way to relax the muscles than a little head in the pool!

At the Pouligny Notre Dame campsite

Another universe a little further south of La Châtre at the Pouligny Notre Dame campsite. Here the facilities are still very fresh, the vegetation is gradually taking its place on the 32 planned locations. Open since last summer, it is developing little by little.

Annick greets me and takes me to a raised canvas hut

I discovered practical equipment there: a small ladder to climb up to two beds (air mattresses for one person) and a picnic table under the cabin. The location is ideal for enjoying the nearby leisure center - there is even direct access from the campsite to the base. This base offers lots of activities, including water ski lift by cables. Like a buttock, the ski lift allows you to glide over the water while holding onto a surfboard.


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