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On Saturday morning, everyone has their own little habits. Some go to the tobacconist to get the newspaper, others swear by the sports sessions, or the weekend cleaning. But with us in La Châtre on Saturday morning rhymes with market!

Place du marché

But before strolling between the producers' stalls, a little history about this square: It became the main square of the city from the XNUMXth century. Its market and its three major annual fairs were already famous! Some old residences bear witness to this golden age which saw the beginnings of the industrial and commercial development of La Châtre. Rue du Marché, the half-timbered house, which dates from the XNUMXth century was in the XNUMXth century the home of Sylvain Chicot, where George Sand got his supplies of candles, wax and tobacco. The so-called “pointed” house, which also dates from the XNUMXth century, gives its medieval character to the small street which borders it.

La Châtre - Market Square

Now follow me and discover the little tips to take full advantage of this lively market all year round!

  • Never forget your "Berry Province" tote
  • Follow the good smell of hot bread from the three bakeries closest to the market
  • Stop by Eric the organic market gardener to always have good vegetables and good advice… Don't forget to look at your receipt, a little quote is always written there, enough to leave with a smile!
  • Discover some heirloom fruits and vegetables never found in stores on colorful growers' shelves (butternut, patisson, parsnip…).
  • Buy a goat pyramid, a specialty of the Indre, from the cheese maker at the bottom of the square
  • Be sure to find tea, cereals or even green household products in the traveling grocery store of the yellow truck.
  • Travel by discovering the Creole flavors stand but also the Dutch waffles of Coeur d'Amos!
  • And finally, enjoy the terrace of one of the bistros in the square to have a little coffee while savoring a hot piece of radillat… Ecstasy!

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