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Today it's decided, I'm going to conquer George Sand's Berry. Even if the novelist liked to go for a walk or on her mare “Colette”, I decided to use the bicycle to hurtle down the small country roads! So, let's go see this nature so secret that it describes to perhaps discover nuggets!

From Nohant to Vic

Let's go for a 13.6 km loop starting at Nohant (parking lot at George Sand's estate). The first kilometers are very pleasant, we immediately discover this bocage landscape and the good smell of the dew of the sunny morning! Small passage above the Indre river, in Beauce, place where George Sand used to swim during long summer days. It is here that the Beauce farm is also located where a visit is essential to leave the basket filled with goat cheese.

The pace begins to accelerate, a few small false dishes make the ride a little more sporty but nothing serious, nice surprises await me: a ford in Ripoton, the joy of seeing a hoopoe and then the arrival in Vic, obligatory heritage break… Entering the small Romanesque church of St Martin de Vic, one is far from imagining that this building contains magnificent frescoes. PEPITE n ° 1 found!

A little bit of history

It is George Sand who, as a neighbor, allowed the rescue of the superb frescoes of the church of Vic rediscovered by Hasars in 1849. Wherever the gaze takes time to settle, the talent of the XNUMXth century painter arouses peace and serenity. . The characters, with their cheeks painted with red spots and their unique eyebrows, illustrate the Bible in the style of a comic strip.

Fresques de Vic
Frescoes in the church of Vic - C. Charrier

From Vic to St Chartier

Hardly passed Vic we can already see four turrets in the distance which encourage you to pedal faster to find out a little more about the next village! And it is there in St Chartier that n ° 2 nugget is discovered. A castle in the heart of the village built at the end of the XNUMXth century, at the time of the wars between Henri II Plantagenêt and Philippe Auguste…. But in the meantime a follower of Viollet-le-Duc had to pass by and transform it a little!

Château de St Chartier - Land of George Sand

On the land of George Sand

The return to Nohant goes smoothly, a very calm road without relief ideal for arriving in the hamlet without difficulty. It's lunchtime and that's good, the village square, reserved for pedestrians, is an ideal place for a picnic. Arriving in Nohant is like stepping into a history book, you are quickly charmed by the little church of St Anne and especially by the house of George Sand, nugget n ° 3 found!  The desire to push the door of this large bourgeois house encourages you to stay a little longer to follow the guided tour inside. During this visit, we recount the literary, political and committed life of this famous Mrs. Sand, very avangardist for the time, a sacred good woman with a strong character so little known, what a pity ...

George Sand's estate in Nohant

George Sand's estate is a moving, romantic place steeped in history. It is a house that remained in the Sand family until the death of George Sand's last little girl. To keep the memory of her grandmother, Aurore (the last descendant) lived in the furniture and the decor of her grandmother until the end in order to be able to bequeath the house to the State thus keeping the memory of her grandmother alive. -mother. Thank you Aurore.

George Sand's Estate

Geraldine's practical info

The route is not signposted so don't forget to download the circuit on your smartphone with the free Cirkwi application before leaving: “Cycle route n ° 1, Nohant and the Berrichonne countryside”.


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