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Did you expect to see chickens, ducks, pigs, cows and many other farm animals?
You are right, but not that! At the Ferme des Clautres, you will take a trip to meet some very local species and you will also discover specimens from distant lands.

La ferme des Clautres: a farm like no other

At the Clautres farm each visit is a delight. Owners know how to constantly reinvent themselves without losing sight of their main objective.
Follow us for a photo report on this beautiful afternoon in April to discover this atypical farm ♥

Meeting with the Clautres farm team

When we arrive, the family team is working hard to transform the reception area. Spring break begins this WE and they are working to get everything ready to welcome visitors.

Formerly reserved for the dissemination of a slide show dedicated to organic farming and children's play area, this place is fast becoming an informative place on the farm. It shares the space with a future store of decorative objects, soft toys, souvenirs of all kinds and local products.

Ready to present their new facilities to us, we set off in the company of Jean-Baptiste and Arnaud on this 2km course to discover the residents of the farm.

Both are ex-colleagues of the Beauval zoo park where they met. They took on the challenge of taking over the farm with the culmination of their common passion: conserving endangered species.

Departure for the discovery of this farm like no other

Before leaving to join the donkeys a little further, we retrace our steps to visit the farmyard animals. This space has just been redeveloped and it is a real fanfare that welcomes us. The beak open to taste some delicacies. Somewhat timid, some do not hesitate to let themselves be caressed by Léa.

We resume our long journey of 2km in order to discover all the enclosures of the animal park. These spread over 35 of 200 ha that count the farm.
Donkeys quickly come to seek caresses unlike guinea pigs, which will require redoubled efforts to catch one ?.

We continue our way quietly to arrive at the most adorable thing that we will see today: all these little pigs, all pink, all cute.

Young and old we are under the spell.

We discover the life of certain animals whose names we are unable to remember or pronounce. We walk quietly from enclosure to enclosure to discover another cute feature of the park: the llamas.

The highlight of the visit: Meeting with Cloclo and Chloé?

This is how we arrive in front of this immense plain, called " the African plain ". The sun in our eyes we try to distinguish these animals that we see in the distance.
Jean-Baptiste then returns to the field and goes to look for them in order to present them to us. He returns with 2 dromedaries, Cloclo and Chloé. For the moment the only 2 residents of this immense plain. The owners tell us they want to welcome other animals from the same continent like lions ?.

They also tell us that other projects are in their bookss. Asdevelopment of a European plain and the creation of an Australian greenhouse.


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