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Geological or Druidic site? Den of the fairies? Passions, legends, much has been written to tell the story of the place. From geological facts to the anecdotes of the ancients, the Pierres Jaumâtres conceal centuries of mysteries. This is what makes it today LE legendary place of Creuse Confluence!

Originally from Dordogne, I got to know Creuse more than 20 years ago. It is thanks to my friendship with a Creuse that I discovered this legendary place. Intrigued by my friend's story, I had only one desire: to find it out for myself. We are not going to lie to each other, it is the legends woven around the place that aroused my curiosity 😉
And then I was too longing to see this famous stone which supposedly holds in balance 🤔

The first time I went to attack the Pierres Jaumâtres was in September. At the tip of Mont Barlot the tone is set. The reddish autumn sun bathes the site in a magical hushed atmosphere. The atmosphere is magical, I no longer have any doubts: fairies have lived here for sure!
Legends come to life in my head. I imagine the fairies, playing, dancing here and there in the most total recklessness. I am conquered. It is not without surprise that I say that this is not the last time that I come here?

Climbing Mont Barlot

Pierres Jaumâtres

When we arrive, we can't wait to take the path that leads to the fairy lair.
On my friend's advice, we put on the shoes that fit well. Except me, it's not 2, 3 pebbles that will stop me!

Although it is a very practicable path, some stones have played tricks on us, a warning from the fairies? Their carelessness will have cost them their kingdom where hot springs gushed now relocated to Evaux les Bains. Me it will have cost me the little toe?

At the start of the trail there is a restaurant with a huge shaded terrace. Seeing the goblets of ice cream scroll before our eyes, it is sure, on the way back, one of these insolent delicacies will be for us!

On the path of the Pierres Jaumâtres

Here we go, all smiles and motivated to walk the gentle, shaded, pleasant path on this beautiful summer afternoon.
Several stops are necessary. Gabriel, at the height of his 3 years, struggles to follow his brother and it is my husband who will pay the price.
The more you progress, the bigger and bigger the pebbles. Along the way the boys start to climb some of them. Hidden under the humus and under the leaves, some stones cause us to stumble and our little knees pay the price.

Pierres Jaumâtres
Pierres Jaumâtres

A piece of advice, in addition to the sneakers, the cap, the glasses and the water bottle, it's not a luxury to follow a few bandages, sprinkled with a hug and a kiss, it goes quite quickly ?

Here we are on the Mount Barlot. Here and there huge blocks of granite are scattered in front of us. For my husband, discovering certain rocks hollowed out in the shape of a basin and others striated with long channels, it is no longer the legends of the fairies that echo in his head, but that of the existence of a place reserved for druids and their rites.
Never mind, after the discovery of the 1st block of the site, Tarann (god of thunder) also called the Ball of butter, we go on leaving on our left the three Sugar Loaves to reach our holy grail: the seesaw

La bascule nous essayons de renverser

Here is Teutates, the most spectacular stone on the site, now commonly known as Seesaw or swing.
Naturally, we tried to overturn this block which seems to be balancing as if by magic. Nothing helps, it doesn't move a millimeter.

14m long!

We finish our exploration of the place with Hesus (god of war) who has become today the Boussaquin. She also held in balance until the 1840s and ended up tilting to offer us 14 m of panorama on the valley of Boussac.

Toulx Ste Croix – Pierres jaumâtres – Creuse Confluence Tourisme – Delphine Paulhan – 2031


Panorama on the valley
from Boussac

We resume our exploration of the site, climbing a rock here, another there, the children are refreshed to be able to run, jump from stone to stone; finally especially Antoine, scalded Gabriel, although valiant, remains more careful ☺☺☺

We return quietly to our starting point, quite proud of having challenged the gods, the druids and the fairies.

And of course to have climbed the Swing, trying at all costs to bring it down. Despite our determination and the union of our strength, she was able to resist us.

While waiting to return, what if we regain our strength immediately with these fabulous whipped cream ice creams? Promised thing ...


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