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This summer, Johanna is getting married. With the girls, we obviously wanted to mark the occasion! Certainly, the ideas of a bachelorette party, we are not going to lie to each other, that is not what is lacking. However, no reason to take the lead on the subject on our side. Our pépète, we know her! Passionate archaeologist and historian, emeritus athlete, always ready to take up challenges… we knew in advance that we would have to give of ourselves to offer him a day in his image: fun and dynamic! This is how we all got together for a unique canoe trip on the intrepid river Indre. As surprising as it is endearing (especially when its waterline is flush with the daisies…), the one that gave its name to the thirty-sixth department of France, has many surprises in store for you, you can believe me!

We will meet at the Belle-Isle nautical base, in the magnificent park of the same name. At the heart of this preserved natural space entirely dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists, it is difficult to imagine that we are only a few steps from the city center. Disconnection guaranteed! After a light lunch at the tavern whose pleasant terrace overlooks the peaceful waters of the lake, we join Marcel, member of the Canoe Kayak Club de Châteauroux, our guide for the day. That is le little more undeniable of this hike on the Indre. Because when it comes to canoeing, let's be realistic, we are often let go in the middle of nature with our boat and our paddles in Koh-Lanta mode, just to see who will manage to get by. And let's face it, these paddles, we handle them every other time completely askew ... And then, to us, round them in the water and " I love you neither With the bank. In Châteauroux, phew, none of that! A passionate guide, experienced céiste, indeed accompanies us throughout the hike.

If you have chosen this activity, it is above all because it is a guided walk along the Indre, to discover the history of the city. An original and friendly way to combine culture and sporting activity, relaxation and discovery! The perfect combo for our competition redhead! On the program, therefore, descent of the river which turns historical or wild in the direction of Château Raoul. Emblem of the city (he gave it its name anyway!), Its powerful volumes stand out to our amazed eyes at the bend of an arm of the river. This point of view from the sea is incomparable, there is no denying it! Here and there we greet the walkers who take advantage of the tranquility of the Saint-Gildas meadow and we let our guide tell us about all the beauties of his city, of which he is definitely an outstanding ambassador! Marcel is indeed not stingy with anecdotes, he who always has the word to make us laugh. Thanks to him, we immortalize this day with friends through several souvenir photos that will remind us of those good times we spent together!

Along the water, the Indre gently winds its way, winding between stone walls and hundred-year-old trees, inviting us to savor all the serenity of an elusive river with many faces. Shortly before arriving at the foot of Balsan Park and its adorable little castles, it is time for us to turn around. We go up the river with a little less energy perhaps, but always with a smile! From one shore to the other, the change of meaning and point of view opens our eyes to other beauties that never tire of being admired. Back for us to square one at the nautical base where we stretch our shaky legs! A final thank you to our guide and we let ourselves be seduced by a drink on the terrace at the tavern before sailing on other adventures!

Useful information

The Indre along the water with the Canoë Kayak Club de Châteauroux

Two hiking trails available:
o   Discovery walk around Belle-Isle : tour of Belle-Isle through the Chènevières ecopark, the "Ringoire" and discovering the local flora and fauna.
o   From cultural to natural : descent of the Indre through Châteauroux with a historical and heritage presentation of the city.
o A tailor-made circuit can also be created on request.
Prices : € 15 to € 25 for adults and € 10 to € 15 for children (8 to 12 years old), depending on the route chosen.

Activity open all year round by appointment at 06 81 97.


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